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Immuneed AB is a specialized drug discovery and analysis service company within the area of medicine, immunology and biomedicine. The company was founded in 2014, is privately held and located in Uppsala, Sweden.

Both our drug development program and our service platform are based on proprietary technology platforms developed through extensive research at Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands as well as Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden.

If you are interested in Immuneed AB, our services or immunotherapy platform – whether you’re a potential client, investor, partner, employee or student – we are happy to hear from you.

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Gunilla Ekström (MD, PhD)

MD and PhD from Karolinska Institutet and Assoc Prof. in biochemical toxicology at Karolinska Institutet. >25 years experience of R& D from leading positions at AstraZeneca, Orexo, and Karolinska Development, several operational assignments in SMEs.

Assoc Professor Sara Mangsbo (PhD)

Founder and CSO
Active in the field of immunotherapy for over 10 years, with extensive knowledge of innate as well as adaptive immunity. Sara has experience of both pre-clinical and clinical studies and has worked with immune targeting mAbs as well as immune complexes and Fc receptors for many years. Sara has also held a position at AstraZeneca as Brand Lead of Immuno-oncology. Currently she heads a research group within Uppsala University.

Erika Fletcher (MSc)

Founder/ Research and Development
Extensive experience with the blood loop system, among other from validating a cancer vaccine for clinical trial purposes. Erika is responsible for the development, validation and execution of the service. She is also responsible for the in vivo PoC of our novel therapeutic vaccine candidate.

Professor Thomas Tötterman (MD, PhD)

Founder and Scientific Advisor
Thomas Tötterman, Uppsala University Uppsala, Sweden, is professor and chief physician in clinical immunology with special expertise in cancer immunotherapy and clinical hematology-oncology. Thomas is a senior advisor for several biotechnology companies as well as Regulatory Bodies and is experienced in immunotherapy trial design and risk assessment related to immune targeting drugs.

Justyna Leja-Jarblad (PhD)

Service manager and business development
Justyna has an extensive experience within the oncology and virology field as well as anti-cancer drug development. Justyna has worked for many years with preclinical and clinical studies, including management and preparation of Clinical Trail Applications. She has experience with the blood loop system as a strategy to evaluate a novel cancer drug for a first-in–human clinical study. She is also a co-founder of the first crowdfunding campaign “iCANCER” to support drug development.

Board of Directors

Camilla Huse Bondesson (MBA)

Long experience from leading roles within sales, marketing and business development at various international life science companies including Invitrogen, Biacore, Gyros, Behring Diagnostica (now Siemens) and Amersham Pharmacia Biotech (now GE Life Sciences). Experienced as business coach.

Thomas Tötterman (MD, PhD)

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Jörgen Lönngren (PhD)

Dr. Jörgen Lönngren serves as an adviser to life science companies. Earlier he was an Investment director at Industrifonden, a major Swedish investor in life science companies. He was the founder and CEO of Professional Genetics Laboratory AB – a service laboratory for the global pharma industry. Previously, he served in various senior management positions incl. Head of R&D in Pharmacia Biotech AB (now GE Health Care Life Science) – a leading supplier of biotechnology tools. Dr. Lönngren presently serves on the Boards several early life science companies. He holds a PhD in chemistry from Stockholm University.

Lars Jonsson (MD, PhD)

Associate Professor Anesthesiology and Intensive care, CEO of Uppsala University Holding AB
During the last 15 years managed the creation of a structured innovation support at Uppsala University with an innovation office, patent office, business incubator and the holding company for pre-seed and seed investments. Involved in about 80 company formation of which 17 have made profitable exits and 50 are still in the portfolio.
Experience from clinical research and managerial position within health care.

Håkan Englund (Private Investor)

Formerly Executive Vice President at Phadia AB and had prior to that several leading and executive positions in Sweden and abroad within Pharmacia Diagnostics and Pharmacia Biotech. Board member of several medtech/life science companies. Presently on the board of Arocell AB (publ.), Apoteksamariten AB, Antrad Medical AB and Sensidose AB.

Sara Mangsbo (PhD)

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