Immuneed is developing a novel synthetic peptide vaccine conjugate for cancer treatment. Our strategy is based on the delivery of our vaccine in an antigen-antibody immune complex, using our patented TET platform™.

The TET platform

Our Tetanus-Epitope Targeting-platform (TET-platform™) is created on a unique, patented tetanus toxin-derived strategy that protects the peptide drug from degradation and facilitates both drug uptake and activation of the cellular immune response.

The same immune cells that take up the peptide drug also receive an immune activating signal to combat the cancer towards which the drug is designed. This platform is used to create the next generation of synthetic peptide cancer vaccines, and can be used for multiple indications.

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Status and Pipeline

We currently have one product in pipeline, the TENDU-1 a prostate cancer-specific drug vaccine candidate. It is an innovative vaccine mix, with the Minimal Tetanus Toxoid Epitope (MTTE) conjugated to long synthetic peptides, harboring multiple prostate-specific tumor-associated epitopes. This strategy ensures that the vaccine is delivered as an antigen-antibody immune complex formula.

Our goal is to ensure that the peptide drug is delivered to the same immune cell that is also activated by the drug immune-complex. To achieve this, we make use of the fact that humans are, or easily can be, vaccinated against tetanus, and thereby have tetanus toxoid antibodies circulating in the body.

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Relevant resources

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Using antibodies as shield to protect vaccine components can enhance the effect of the vaccine.

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