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Immuneed AB secures SEK ∼9M for its immuno-oncology program

Uppsala 2017-05-18

Immuneed AB has secured SEK ∼9M in an oversubscribed financing round. The funding will support the pre-clinical work of the company’s immuno-oncology cancer vaccine and be used to increase marketing of the company’s analysis service.

The new funding secures financing of the company’s pre-clinical program for the cancer vaccine and further engagement for contract manufacturing. Immuneed’s vaccine development project is a peptide vaccine building on a unique, patented idea that will enhance both peptide drug uptake and activation of the cellular immune response to combat cancer. The primary focus is patients with newly diagnosed prostate cancer having a high risk for relapse. “We have received the resources we need to push forward with the pre-clinical program of our unique, tetanus-based immunotherapy, with the goal to enter into clinical trials in patients and develop new treatment alternatives” says CEO Gunilla Ekström.

The funding will also enable Immuneed to increase marketing efforts of their analysis service business, offered to companies within the biotherapeutic field. A special focus will be on the ex vivo, human whole-blood Cytokine Release Assay (CRA), where the company currently has both Swedish and international customers.

The specialized service is based on a human whole-blood loop assay for detection of acute immune related side effects of biopharmaceuticals. The assay measures immediate cytokine release and can also be used to perform mode-of-action studies. The service targets preclinical programs aiming to replace or complement animal studies and obtain a better understanding of first-in-man reactions prior to clinical trial entry.

For further information:
Gunilla Ekström, CEO, Immuneed AB Phone: +46-(0)73-354 20 58

About Immuneed AB: Immuneed AB, founded in 2014, is a life science biotech company developing a novel tetanus toxin- derived therapeutic vaccine for cancer treatment. Immuneed also offers a first-in-class, lab-based human whole-blood assay as a specialized service, for detection of immune-related side effects of biopharmaceuticals. The assay can increase safety and cost for pre-clinical drug development; linking preclinical data to clinical reality.

December 19 2016

Immuneed AB moves to new premises and initiates a collaboration with CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB

By moving into premises at the same site as CTC Clinical Trial Consultants AB (CTC) in Uppsala, Sweden, Immuneed’s ex-vivo whole-blood screening service can more easily be offered for screening of acute immune-related side effects of biologicals or other immune modulating drugs prior to first-in-human studies.
Safety of biologicals or other immune modulating drugs where cells or proteins may cause unexpected immune activation/modulation remains an issue in drug development. The specialized service offered by Immuneed is based on a first-in-class, ex-vivo human whole-blood loop system to assess acute drug-related immune toxicity, such as cytokine release, prior to clinical studies. With a growing base of new and recurring customers, the move to new lab premises, adjacent to CTC, provides an opportunity to streamline the service and explore growth opportunities.
“The collaboration with CTC means that we jointly can provide even greater service and expertise in the field of e.g. cancer immunotherapy, and be a resource for all the companies that are emerging in this hot field at the moment. Our CRA assay is streamlined, but our platform can also provide data on cellular biodistribution and mode-of-action studies of immune modulating therapies – in order to ease the transition of these drugs into clinical use.” says Sara Mangsbo, CSO, Immuneed.

Clinical Trial Consultants AB (CTC) is a privately owned company offering hospital-based early phase clinical trials (phase 0/I-IIa) in patients and healthy volunteers. CTC has a 12-bed, state-of-the-art, fully equipped clinical research unit at Akademiska University Hospital in Uppsala, approved by the Medical Products Agency for first-in-human studies.

“We are extremely happy for this collaboration with Immuneed AB, they offer a unique service that profoundly can affect the strategy for first-in-human studies of biopharmaceuticals,” says Anders Millerhovf, CEO of CTC. “For us as a key resource and competence in running early clinical trials, it is important to be responsive to customer requirements. Immune-modulation is an area where new solutions can increase the understanding of how to design a study and even increase safety for our trial participants and the collaboration with Immuneed is to the benefit to both the companies and the patients” Millerhovf concludes.

For further information:
Gunilla Ekström, CEO, Immuneed AB Phone: +46-(0)73-354 20 58

November 2016

Sara Mangsbo has been invited by JNJ Innovation to give a presentation at StartUpSlam at BIOEurope meeting in Cologne Nov 7-9 2016.

Erika Fletcher´s poster has been selected for an oral presentation at the 4th Swedish Cancer Research Meeting in Gothenburg Nov 7-8 2016.

September 2016

Immuneed AB secures SEK 4,3M in seed financing to further develop its immuno-oncology cancer vaccine candidate and grow its human whole-blood loop service for detection of acute immune related side effects of biopharmaceuticals. Read the full press-release here.

December 2015

The founders of Immuneed Sara Mangsbo and Erika Fletcher have, via a collaboration with TWINCORE in Hannover, published an article in Nature Scientific Reports. In the paper the human whole blood loop system was used to answer a research question around a therapeutic antibody. Read and download the article on

April 23 2015

Justyna Leja Jarblad and Sara Mangsbo from Immuneed will attend the Anglonordic Life Science Conference in London April 23 ( If you wish to learn more about our service package or how you can invest/partner with us send us an email at and book a meeting!

February 12 2015

Sara Mangsbo will be speaking at the Life Science Leadership Series arranged by One Nucleus at Babraham Research Campus, Cambridge