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We want to build strong partnerships
We’re stronger together. This is why we are committed to building strong and fruitful partnerships with other companies, combining our scientific insights to offer innovative solutions. By dedicating time and resources to collaborate with other service and biotechnology companies, we find further ways of empowering our clients to provide safer drugs. Partnering with us joins your strengths with our expertise, including our proven scientific capabilities and well-developed resources within immunology research.


Clinical Trial Consultants

In close collaboration, Immuneed and CTC offer a unique preclinical risk assessment in conjunction with your clinical trial. Our unique approach provides early safety and effect data for a reliable risk assessment, optimized study design and a potential effect outcome of first-in-human (FIH) trials. Read more about the preclinical human model.

About the company: CTC Clinical Trial Consultants primarily acts as a full-service contract research organization (CRO). By providing their own clinic they also offer a more complete solution. Since 2011 they have conducted over 250 industry-sponsored clinical trials for start-up companies as well as for international pharmaceutical companies and CROs. Their track record includes, first-in-human, PET/MR, EPQT, drug-drug and food interaction, biosimilar, bioequivalence, and bioavailability studies, new drug delivery systems, medical device and Phase IIa studies.


By utilizing a unique 3D spheroid system composed of primary human hepatocytes and non-parenchymal cells, HepaPredict mimics in vivo liver tissue – making it possible to provide clients with hepatotoxicity predictions and pharmacokinetic assessments for their candidate drugs. HepaPredict’s system can also be adjusted to mimic liver diseases, thereby functioning as a validation tool for novel therapeutics.


ImmuMap offers customized flow cytometry assays and enzyme- or fluorescence-linked immunospot (ELISpot/fluorospot) for immune monitoring and consulting. ImmuMap has developed several platforms for high-throughput screening and profiling of antigen-specific T cells, including the Deep Profiling assay, providing multilayered characterization of specific T cell populations, and the dCODE™ platform, used for parallel identification and enumeration of 50–1031 different T cell specificities.