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Immuneed founder Sara Mangsbo featured in Nordic Life Science.

20/1, 2020

Founder of Immuneed and entrepreneur of the year 2019, Sara Mangsbo is featured in the first 2020 edition of the Nordic Life Science magazine. Here she tells the story about how she co-founded Immuneed with our current Head of R&D, Erika Fletcher. Moreover, she talks about the usual challenges of starting a company – finding start-up funding, building up the laboratory assembling a team including employees who have good customer skills. Sara and the team had to learn how to navigate the complicated paths of getting new pharmaceuticals to clinical trials and to market. Initially, one of Immuneed’s tasks was to craft a plan to enable a product to go to the clinic and to identify and recruit the right persons to enable the project to go through the clinical path required for a drug development project. “the druggability is so much more than the target and drug interaction; it’s about formulation, administration, indication, scalable production, regulatory requirements, and the development journey is unique… This comes along with delivering products on time and with the quality that the customer expects. Later comes work of scaling up the business and marketing initiatives along with international business expansion”. Click here to read the interview.