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Meet the Team: Louise - Lab Engineer

5/10, 2020

Finding opportunity in the Immuneed lab – An interview with lab engineer Louise Nilsson

As Immuneed’s pool of customers and projects grows, work in the lab is intensifying. Louise Nilsson recently joined the team, so we took a moment to get her thoughts about her new role and workplace.
Q: You’ve been at Immuneed for just over a month. What are your first impressions?

A: I’m a typical lab person, so I like to be in control and feel strong responsibility for what I do. That’s made this a very intense and exciting time! There’s a lot to learn, since I’m relatively new to the overall process of drug development. Immuneed has many customers getting underway with new projects, so the lab is a busy place, between all the analyses and follow-up reports.

Q: What led you to Immuneed in the first place?

A: After getting my doctorate at Uppsala University, I spent over a year as a biomedical scientist at Uppsala University Hospital, where I worked with skin for burn patients. I enjoyed the closeness to patients and seeing the immediate benefits, but I wanted to work in a more driven environment. At a company, you have more opportunity to bring your ideas and develop things – even beyond the lab. As soon as I heard about Immuneed, I was excited about the potential here.

Q: Were you familiar with Immuneed’s platform?

A: Not before I came into contact with Immuneed, but I started reading up on it directly! Now that I’m working with it actively, I think Immuneed’s method can be very advantageous for many companies.

Q: How easy has it been to get underway?

A: To some extent it’s been diving in head first, although I do have great support from my  lab colleagues.  They’ve been with Immuneed since the early days, so they’ve been a great resource. Since the environment at Immuneed is such an open one, where everyone is welcome to get involved in different aspects, I feel like I’m contributing already.


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