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R&D pipeline

New applications and analyses constantly in the making
We are continuously developing, broadening and refining the services we provide. Our aim is to continue being the most reliable and efficient provider of preclinical testing within immunology and immunotoxicity. We strive to develop even better solutions for evaluating investigational products with regard to their safety profile in human circulation.

B-cell malignancy model for safety and function

Testing a drug in patient volunteers often results in “new knowledge”. We are looking into the benefits and the clinical relevance of testing drug-blood interactions in the target patient group already in the preclinical phase.

Receptor occupancy

What parameters guide the selection of a safe starting dose? We are determining receptor occupancy and using it as one parameter to define the minimal anticipated biological effect level (MABEL) as the basis for calculating safer starting doses for first-in-man trials.

Autoimmune responses: multiple sclerosis, a model for safety and function

We are developing a disease-specific model for testing drug-blood interactions in fresh, circulating blood from patients with multiple sclerosis.

High-density PBMC assay

We are developing a two-compartment analysis for multispecific/bispecific antibodies.

Endothelial cells

Endothelial cells comprise the innermost lining of blood and lymphatic vessels. We are developing an assay to further model the vascular effects of a drug.