We offer in-house services based on our unique platform.

High-quality immune assessments.

We offer services that range from selecting the right drug candidate to evaluating infusion risks prior to your clinical trial. Our expertise in immunology and drug development, paired with our unique platform, enables us to capture a breadth of the immune response not possible elsewhere. All of our assays are flexible, and we tailor the study design and project to address your specific needs.

Customer promise



Quality is reflected in everything we do. With ID.Flow's high predictive value, the platform brings you results that are relevant, reliable and reproducible.



We compete not only on the quality and accuracy of data, but also on the speed of achieving it – which is why innovative biotech and agile pharma companies rely on us to ease their transition into the clinic.



We tailor the study design based on your specific needs. You choose the number of read-outs, test substances and the level of reporting: “Brief, Standard or Tailored”.


From functional studies to safety assessment

When a biological drug is administered into the human circulation, it can react with different components of the human blood – in both anticipated and unexpected ways. To safeguard participants and your reputation, you need to understand the full implications of your candidate drug before moving to clinical trials. It is therefore important to choose an in vitro method that captures the true breadth of the human immune response. Immuneed’s services build on our unique platform, which uses fresh, circulating human blood and leaves all systems intact. As a result, our services address the specific challenges of each pharmaceutical type, from nanoparticles to large biologics.

With Immuneed’s “Blood Loop”, a single platform gives us multiple readouts which provide us with a solid understanding of cytokines, complement, and drug biodistribution.
Prinicpal Scientist at Bioarctic Neuroscience
Immuneed is a highly appreciated partner and has very short and flexible lead times, usually around 5 weeks. Adding the high sensitivity and reproducibility of the loop in assessing cytokine release and cell activation, we have chosen to use it as a routine in our preclinical development.
Director of Translational Medicine