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How it works

By predicting a fuller range of clinically relevant responses, our unique platform gives you a deeper understanding of your drug. It provides multiple readouts from fresh, circulating human blood – making it a powerful alternative to traditional preclinical methods.

A powerful alternative to traditional preclinical testing methods

Immuneed’s specially developed platform is a unique and powerful alternative to traditional preclinical testing methods. Using circulating, fresh human blood with all components present, it provides a physiologically relevant testing environment that closely mimics the blood system within the human body. Blood samples are collected in an open system rather than forcibly drawn into vacutainer tubes. This avoids physical strain on cells and the need for anticoagulants that influence your test results. The blood remains in constant circulation, and your drug is added within minutes. Moreover, the platform allows multiple types of readouts from the same sample, including readouts at different points over time.

Prediction of clinically relevant responses

Unlike other preclinical testing methods, our platform leaves all blood components intact, from the plasma and cells to the complement proteins and endogenous antibodies. Likewise, the blood’s complement and coagulation cascade systems remain fully active, so that no response goes unmissed – even if they are unexpected. The absence of high background interference, commonly experienced with microwell plates, ensures exceptional sensitivity that aids in the prediction of clinically relevant responses. When testing is complete, we prepare a report to be included in your application for an investigational new drug (IND) / clinical trial application (CTA) to regulatory authorities. With our platform, you can be sure of reliable, reproducible results that offer a clear and comprehensive picture of your drug’s behavior in human circulation.