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Why Immuneed

Our mission is to set a new standard for the understanding of what happens when a novel drug meets the human blood for the first time.
Given the growing number of biologics and immune-targeting drugs, the need to measure and predict the risk of adverse drug reactions in patients is urgent. Animal models fail to address questions related to both safety and effect – resulting in project delays, increased costs and, above all, a non-optimized clinical program with inherent risks for trial participants. With our help, you can obtain preliminary effect data and be more certain that your drug is safe enough to enter the human body. Our goal is to provide truly meaningful insights that help our customers enter clinical trials prepared. Immuneed is a contract research organization specializing in immunology and preclinical drug development. We offer in-house services to address important questions related to the safety and function of biopharmaceuticals. Simply put, we transform potential risks into vital insights.

Unique platform

Immuneed’s specially developed platform offers a unique opportunity to study blood-drug interactions in real-time. It allows simultaneous study of safety and function, providing multiple read-outs from a single sample – thereby cutting costs by as much as 40%.

Median project delivery 5 weeks

On time delivery 100%

Cost savings 40%

Serving clients in 10+ countries

Tailored Service

Experts and regulatory authorities agree that novel methods are needed in preclinical trials in order to capture the complexity of biological drugs. Each new project presents its own particular challenges. Our clients appreciate our problem-solving mindset and flexible service, as well as our short project timelines.

Predictive Value

Quality is reflected in everything we do. With its high predictive value, our platform brings you results that are relevant, reliable and reproducible. We compete not only on the quality and accuracy of data, but also on the speed of achieving it – which is why innovative biotech and agile pharma companies rely on us to ease their transition into the clinic.

Comprehensive safety

A deep understanding of your drug’s safety profile lets you enter clinical trials prepared and empowered. Our platform provides key insights into both safety and function – insights that safeguard not only your trial subjects but your reputation as well.