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We offer a specialized service based on a unique human whole-blood loop assay, for detection of acute immune-related side effects of biopharmaceuticals (cytokine release), which provides a better understanding of first-in-man reactions prior to clinical trial entry. The assay platform can also be used to perform mode-of-action studies.


We are developing a new generation therapeutic peptide-based immuno-oncology vaccine powered by proprietary and patent-protected advanced TET technology that will enhance both peptide uptake and cellular immune activation. Our strategy is based on the delivery of our vaccine in an antigen-antibody immune complex formula. The primary focus is early stage, high-risk prostate cancer but the platform can be used for developing vaccines for other indications.

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By invitation from Dagens Medicin Agenda Justyna Leja-Jarblad, Service Manager and Business Development at Immuneed held a pitch at Life Science Dagen on December 5.

Immuneed, a Swedish life science biotech company, today announced the publication of two key scientific publications, supporting both its immuno-service and its immuno-oncology offerings. The articles demonstrate Immuneed’s unique whole blood loop assay, a tool to predict first-infusion reactions of immunotherapeutics, and a novel targeting and adjuvant strategy to improve T cell responses that can be used for cancer vaccines.

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