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Immuneed specializes in advanced ex vivo characterization of biotherapeutics to provide better understanding of first-in-man infusion reactions prior to clinical trial entry.

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We offer a specialized service based on a unique human whole-blood loop assay, that uses fresh, circulating blood with all components present, including cascade systems. Alternative assays lack one or more of the blood components such as active complement, neutrophils, erythrocytes, platelets, endogenous immunoglobulins or plasma proteins, which makes our assay truly an exclusive tool for advanced characterization of biotherapeutics.


The whole-blood loop assay can be used for detection of immune-related side effects of biopharmaceuticals (cytokine release), which provides a better understanding of first-in-man infusion reactions prior to clinical trial entry. Our customized services are paired with our immunological know-how and expertise, enabling us to enhance data output, optimally support your drug development process and improve your clinical trial design.

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Save the date: 12th March Seminar: ”Manage risk and build value in early clinical development” In a close partnership, Immuneed and CTC Clinical Trial Consultants offer a total solution for the preclinical and clinical characterisation of your drug. By using a unique approach, we help you manage risk and build value in your early clinical development. Join our seminar and learn more about the preclinical human model. During this spring, CTC and Immuneed will visit Lund, Umeå and Gothenburg. First out is Lund on the 12th of March. Registration will open shortly. Registration will open shortly.

Atlas of Science published a summary of our Immuno-Service Read more:

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