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We offer a specialized service based on a unique human whole-blood loop assay, for detection of acute immune-related side effects of biopharmaceuticals (cytokine release), which provides a better understanding of first-in-man reactions prior to clinical trial entry. The assay platform can also be used to perform mode-of-action studies.


We are developing a new generation therapeutic peptide-based immuno-oncology vaccine powered by proprietary and patent-protected advanced TET technology that will enhance both peptide uptake and cellular immune activation. Our strategy is based on the delivery of our vaccine in an antigen-antibody immune complex formula. The primary focus is early stage, high-risk prostate cancer but the platform can be used for developing vaccines for other indications.

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We are proud to announce that Immuneed is one of the winners of the Bona Postulata price 2018. We are exicited that our collaborators, Clinical Trial Consultants (CTC) are recipients of the Bona Postulata price as well. Immuneed and CTC have a strong partnership with laboratory capacity. The alliance between us provides an opportunity for your early or late candidate drug to be screened either for safety (cytokine release assessment and complement activity) and/or mode-of-action (MOA) studies, bringing value to drug development. 

Join us at BIO-Europe Spring in Amsterdam March 12-14!  We are open to partnering meetings throughout the conference. Come and talk to us about our Immuno-Service, Immuno-Oncology, potential collaboration, or anything that interests you! Read more at:

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