A new standard to understand what happens when a novel drug meets the human blood.


  • Fresh human whole blood
  • All cells and systems active


  • Drug and blood interacts in a dymanic manner


  • Multiple read outs from each test condition
1. Circulation
2. Interaction
3. Readout

A new standard for understanding what happens when drugs meet the human blood for the first time.

Given the growing number of biologics and immune-targeting drugs, the need to measure and predict the risk of adverse drug reactions in patients is urgent. Animal models fail to address questions related to both safety and effect – resulting in project delays, increased costs and, above all, a non-optimized clinical program with inherent risks for trial participants. With our help, you can obtain preliminary effect data and be more certain that your drug is safe enough to enter the human body. Our goal is to provide truly meaningful insights that help our customers enter clinical trials prepared.



Multiple read outs

ID.Flow is a powerful alternative to traditional preclinical methods. It allows simultaneous study of safety and function, thereby providing multiple read-outs from a single sample - cutting time and cost.


Fresh whole blood

ID.Flow leaves all blood components intact, from the plasma and cells to the complement proteins and endogenous antibodies. Likewise, the blood’s complement and coagulation cascade systems remain fully active, so that no response goes unmissed – even if they are unexpected.



The blood remains in constant circulation, and your drug is added within minutes after blood collection. ID.Flow provides a physiologically relevant testing environment that closely mimics the blood system within the human body.


High predictive value

The absence of high background interference ensures exceptional sensitivity that aids in the prediction of clinically relevant responses. ID.Flow brings you results that are relevant, reliable, and reproducible.


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