ID.Flow® - a carefully designed test system using whole blood.

Understanding human immune responses during non-clinical development is challenging.

It requires careful analysis of the drug’s impact on various cells and blood components, as well as potential downstream interactions. We are proud to present our test system, ID.Flow, which can detect immune responses that are difficult to assess in plate-based assays and animal models.

Tailored for researchers in nonclinical drug development.

40+ readouts from each test condition.

The ID.Flow system is capable of assessing over 40 readouts from every individual test condition. It produces a wide range of data, including levels of cytokine release, ADCC/CDC, and activation of complement, immune cells, and platelets.


Trusted by drug developers across the globe.



We draw blood from donors directly at our test site allowing us to observe the effects of drugs on fresh, minimally manipulated whole blood, offering our customers invaluable insights into how their drugs affect complex biological systems in the blood.


ID.Flow is a highly advanced test system that ensures the continuous circulation of blood and test substance at a regulated temperature of 37°C. Its physiological features set it apart from other assays such as traditional PBMC and whole blood assays.


Regulatory authorities encourage the use of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) to evaluate the immunotoxicity potential of new drugs. ID.Flow is a NAM that can help in reducing and refining animal studies.


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White paper - product comparison

Are you curious about how ID.Flow compares to PBMC and in vitro whole blood assays? Download this white paper that compares data, clinical controls, and discusses the pros and cons of each method.

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