A significant limitation to immunotoxicity risk assessment is the lack of human data.

When a biological drug is administered into the human circulation, it can react with different blood components – in both anticipated and unexpected ways. Our services build on ID.Flow –  a GLP-certified platform that evaluates your drug and provides important human data.

ID.Flow, uses fresh, circulating human blood and leaves all cells and systems intact. Blood is a complex system where cells and plasma components play significant roles. Even the blood’s movement is essential for binding and other interactions. We use human blood gently collected and kept in constant circulation in ID.Flow. Work with us to access an innovative, physiologically relevant testing environment for understanding infusion reactions, immune-modulating properties, and the effect of your drug.

Benefits of ID.Flow


Multiple read outs

ID.Flow is a powerful alternative to traditional preclinical methods. It allows simultaneous study of safety and function, thereby providing multiple read-outs from a single sample - cutting time and cost.


Fresh whole blood

ID.Flow leaves all blood components intact, from the plasma and cells to the complement proteins and endogenous antibodies. Likewise, the blood’s complement and coagulation cascade systems remain fully active, so that no response goes unmissed – even if they are unexpected.


High predictive value

The absence of high background interference ensures exceptional sensitivity that aids in the prediction of clinically relevant responses.


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Finalist for Innovation of the year, 2022

Finalist for Innovation of the year, 2022

Open position: Medical Writer

Open position: Medical Writer

Scientific Advisor – Immuneed

Scientific Advisor - Immuneed