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Exploring the Complement System: A Double-Edged Sword in Drug Development.

Antisense Oligonucleotides - enhance your preclinical development with insights from ASO-expert

Khaled and Ali's extensive research backgrounds are an invaluable resource internally and for our many customers.

Human whole blood analysis as an invaluable tool for understanding potential toxicity including human-specific immune reactions that can be hard to predict.

Attempting to harness the body’s adaptive defense system into a drug? In this post, discover different factors to consider when trying to strike the right balance between the safety and efficacy of your antibody.

An interview with Scientific Advisor Erika Fletcher. To the clients she works with, Erika Fletcher’s sharp scientific mind is one of Immuneed’s strongest assets.

New paper featuring Immuneed. Donor-specific immune effector signatures of CLL patients in response to anti-CD20.

The spark behind Immuneed. An interview with founder Sara Mangsbo.

Director of Business Science

Animal Testing – from Mandatory to Optional to Last Resort