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Regulatory authorities encourage new Approach Methodologies (NAMs), calling for an increased effort to implement the 3Rs. We provide in-house services based on our ex vivo test system, ID.Flow, to address important immunotoxicity and efficacy questions for different drug modalities.




How we can help

With high-quality data from ID.Flow, we help you select the right drug candidate and dose for clinical studies and give a second opinion on your in vivo, in vitro and clinical data.

ID.Flow is a nonclinical model mimicking human blood circulation that detects human-specific immune responses that can be difficult to assess in plate-based in vitro methods and animal models. It is suitable for all kinds of drug candidates intended for intravenous use, with or without a target in blood.

Data from ID.Flow has supported over 140 preclinical drug development projects and has been used for 25 filings to the FDA and the EMA.

One Study – Multiple Readouts

A great advantage

Data from different readouts are more relevant when the samples for all readouts have been generated in the same system from the same donors on the same occasion, as in ID.Flow.

This gives a more comprehensive picture of what happens when a drug meets human blood.

Available readouts

Samples generated in ID.Flow can be used to investigate multiple readouts. We tailor the study to your needs.

Learn more about available ID.Flow readouts below.

Customer promise


We work according to GLP and quality is reflected in everything we do. With ID.Flow's high predictive value, the platform brings you results that are relevant, reliable and reproducible.


We compete not only on the quality and accuracy of data, but also on the speed of achieving it – which is why innovative biotech and agile pharma companies rely on us to ease their transition into the clinic.


We tailor the study design based on your specific needs. You choose the number of read-outs, test substances and the level of reporting: “Brief, Standard or Tailored”.


I can only recommend Immuneed. We performed a PBMC proliferation study and they delivered high-quality data and the report in a timely manner.
Associate Director, Immunotoxicology – Non-Clinical Safety, Non-Clinical Development & Bioanalysis
Ascendis Pharma
With Immuneed’s ID.Flow, a single platform gives us multiple readouts which provide us with a solid understanding of cytokines, complement, and drug biodistribution.
Prinicpal Scientist at Bioarctic Neuroscience
Immuneed is a highly appreciated partner and has very short and flexible lead times, usually around 5 weeks. Adding the high sensitivity and reproducibility of the loop in assessing cytokine release and cell activation, we have chosen to use it as a routine in our preclinical development.
Director of Translational Medicine