We offer ex vivo studies based on our test system ID.Flow®

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  • ID.Flow offers a unique approach to evaluating immunotoxicity in human whole blood. It also, simultaneously, holds the potential to study the mechanistic effects of drugs with the target in blood.
  • Our team has vast experience in immunology and carefully designs each project together with you. We perform the ex vivo analysis, interpret the results, and deliver reports that are compatible for submission.
  • Immuneed’s test site is certified according to GLP, and ID.Flow adheres to the 3Rs and New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) requirement.

How we can help


Prioritise drug candidates with a favourable safety profile.


Choose a safe starting dose for first in human studies.


Complement your preclinical package with human-based data.


ID.Flow has been a valuable tool in the initial screening of our antibodies to assess off-target toxicity in human whole blood. The data produced from a single experiment is extensive, and it is an integral part of the pre-clinical data package that we submitted to the FDA.
Director of Biologics Discovery & Early Development
Sensei Biotherapeutics
We have collaborated on several projects with Immuneed over the last few years. They have provided valuable support in evaluating our compounds in terms of cytokine release and complement activation effects on ID.Flow, their ex vivo test system using the blood from healthy volunteers. We appreciate the partnership and look forward to continuing to work with them on future.
Study Monitor outsourced Non-Clinical Safety studies
Immuneed is a highly appreciated partner and has very short and flexible lead times, usually around 5 weeks. Adding the high sensitivity and reproducibility of ID.Flow in assessing cytokine release and cell activation, we have chosen to use it as a routine in our preclinical development.
Director of Translational Medicine
I can only recommend Immuneed. We performed a PBMC proliferation study and they delivered high-quality data and the report in a timely manner.
Associate Director, Immunotoxicology – Non-Clinical Safety
With Immuneed’s ID.Flow, a single platform gives us multiple readouts which provide us with a solid understanding of cytokines, complement, and drug biodistribution.
Prinicpal Scientist at Bioarctic Neuroscience

40+ readouts from each sample

The ID.Flow system is capable of assessing over 40 readouts from every individual sample. It produces a wide range of data for each test item, including levels of cytokine release, ADCC/CDC, and activation of complement, immune cells, and platelets. This unique system covers all blood immune cells, serum immunoglobulins, a complete complement system, and coagulation cascade, providing comprehensive safety data from one experiment.

The process of working with us


We design the study together to set the scope, number of donors, test items, controls, concentrations and desired readouts. You send your test substance to our test site in Sweden.


We recruit donors and perform the ex-vivo assessment immediately upon blood collection. 40+ readouts are available.


Our team of scientific advisors will interpret the results and deliver a scientific report and data. The outcome will help you make informed decisions about continuous non-clinical and clinical development.


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