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Immuneed's Services

A unique opportunity to study blood-drug interactions.

We offer in-house services based on our unique platform

We offer services that range from selecting the right drug candidate to evaluating infusion risks prior to your clinical trial. Our expertise, paired with our unique platform, enables us to capture a breadth of the immune response not possible elsewhere. All of our bioassays are flexible, and we tailor the study design and project to address your specific needs.

From functional studies to safety assessments

When a biological drug is administered into the human circulation, it can react with different components of the human blood – in both anticipated and unexpected ways. To safeguard participants and your reputation, you need to understand the full implications of your candidate drug before moving to clinical trials. It is therefore important to choose an in vitro method that captures the true breadth of the human immune response. Any amount of blood storage, for example, will require anticoagulants that interfere with complement and cascade systems. Immuneed’s services build on our unique platform, which uses fresh, circulating human blood and leaves these systems intact. As a result, our services address the specific challenges of each pharmaceutical type, from nanoparticles to large biologics.