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Services to help you understand human immune responses during non-clinical development.

With an experienced team and unique ex vivo system, we help scientists study immune responses triggered by candidate drugs, exploring the interconnected world of immune cells, complement factors, immunoglobulins, and other systems in whole blood. By working with us, you can expect to receive unique, human-based data that supports IND & IMPD submissions, helping you make informed decisions about clinical development.

ID.Flow® a unique ex vivo system.

ID.Flow detects human-specific immune responses that can be difficult to assess in in vitro plate-based  methods and animal models.

ID.Flow circulates human whole blood at a regulated temperature of 37°C to evaluate how drugs affect cytokine release, ADCC/CDC, complement activation, cell activation and platelets.

The system includes blood immune cells, serum immunoglobulins, a complete complement system and coagulation cascade making it a unique system for non-clinical assessments.

Why Immuneed?

Regulatory authorities increasingly encourage new approach methodologies (NAMs), supporting the use of non-clinical models due to their potential to reliably and efficiently produce information that is fit for purpose while reducing animal use. Immuneed’s services combine expertise with our unique ex vivo system to de-risk first-in-human studies while meeting new regulatory requirements.

How we can help


Prioritise drug candidates with a favourable safety profile.


Choose a safe starting dose for first-in-human studies.


Complement your preclinical package with human-based data.


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