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In an increasingly advanced industry, we enable companies at the forefront of science to invest in the right drug candidate. Immuneed is a Swedish-based service provider breaking new ground in the early phases of drug development, providing customers across the globe with exclusive data on the safety and immunology of their most promising drug candidates.

A powerful ex vivo test system

ID.Flow® is a unique ex vivo test system and a powerful alternative to traditional preclinical methods. ID.Flow enables a comprehensive safety assessment of your drug, evaluating how it affects hematology, cytokine release, complement activation, and immune cell activation upon administration into human blood.

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By addressing important questions related to drug safety and immunology, we cut our customers’ costs and add value to drug development projects.

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Whole blood analysis and its role in pre-clinical drug development

Human whole blood analysis as an invaluable tool for understanding potential toxicity including human-specific immune reactions that can be hard to predict.

Meet The Team: Scientific Advisors Khaled Amara and Ali Zirakzadeh

Khaled and Ali's extensive research backgrounds are an invaluable resource internally and for our many customers.

Safety and efficacy in immune-oncology – getting the balance right.

Attempting to harness the body’s adaptive defense system into a drug? In this post, discover different factors to consider when trying to strike the right balance between the safety and efficacy of your antibody.