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A unique opportunity to study blood-drug interactions in real time
Together we transform potential risks into vital insights.
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Drug approval is a complex process, so the right start is key to your success. With our preclinical services, you can reliably predict even slight safety risks. But you can also gain an early indication of your drug’s potential to produce the desired therapeutic effect.
How it works
By predicting a fuller range of clinically relevant responses, our unique platform gives you a deeper understanding of your drug. It provides multiple readouts from fresh, circulating human blood – making it a powerful alternative to traditional preclinical methods.
With Immuneed’s “Blood Loop”, a single platform gives us multiple readouts which provide us with a solid understanding of cytokines, complement and drug biodistribution.
- Prinicpal Scientist at Bioarctic Neuroscience
Immuneed is a highly appreciated partner and have very short and flexible lead times, usually around 5 weeks. Adding the high sensitivity and reproducibility of the loop in assessing cytokine release and cell activation, we have chosen to use it as a routine in our preclinical development.
- Director of Translational Medicine at Affibody
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