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Enabling safe & effective drugs

In an increasingly advanced industry, we enable companies at the forefront of science to invest in the right drug candidate. Immuneed is a Swedish-based service provider breaking new ground in the early phases of drug development, providing customers across the globe with exclusive data on the safety and immunology of their most promising drug candidates.

A powerful ex vivo test system

ID.Flow® is a unique ex vivo test system that detects human-specific immune responses that can be difficult to assess in plate-based in vitro methods and animal models. ID.Flow uses fresh circulating human whole blood to evaluate how your drug affects blood parameters, cytokine release, complement activation, and immune cell activation upon administration into human blood.

Why Immuneed?

Regulatory authorities increasingly encourage new approach methodologies (NAMs), supporting the use of non-clinical models due to their potential to reliably and efficiently produce information that is fit for purpose while reducing animal use. Immuneed’s services combine expertise and a unique ex-vivo test system to de-risk first-in-human studies while meeting new regulatory requirements.