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Advanced therapies are increasingly being developed for patients in need, thereby putting pressure on the drug developers to produce qualified, effective, and safe matches. Immuneed combines our strong scientific knowledge with a versatile preclinical platform based on fresh, circulating human blood. Thereby, we provide our customers with a tailored solution in the early stage of development, enabling safe and effective drugs.


The company was founded in 2014 and initially focused on the development of a novel immunotherapy for cancer. As the evaluation of this therapeutic vaccine grew more complex, we developed a proprietary platform to characterize the drug and predict outcomes in a clinical setting, thereby reducing animal studies and giving early indications of the effect in humans. In 2018, the vaccine project was acquired by Ultimovacs, a Norwegian pharmaceutical company. Today we are fully focused on developing Immuneed’s platform and associated services, which benefit biotech and pharmaceutical companies across the globe. By addressing important questions related to drug safety and immunology, we cut our customers’ costs and add value to drug development projects.

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