Monocyte Activation Assay

In circulating human whole blood.

Monocyte Activation Test – MAT assay

Monocytes have a fundamental role in the human immune response, especially in inflammation. Our monocyte activation assay can help you detect any potential drug impurities as well as understanding the safety profile of your drug. Monocytes are studied in Immuneeds platform, ID.Flow.

ID.Flow enables analysis of monocytes in freshly collected human whole blood where your drug is allowed to interact with the different components of the blood, in a dynamic manner.

Study monocytes to:

Better understand the safety profile of your drug.

Investigate proinflammatory cytokine and chemokine production.

Investigate if your drug activates the complement system.

Detect impurities of your drug substance including impurities between different batches.

Obtain sensitive results based on the human immune reaction.

Testing methods & capabilities

Samples are created in Immuneed’s in-vitro model of circulating human blood.

Phenotypical analysis of monocyte activation is carried out by Flow Cytometry / FACS.

Any cell type of the blood can be included in the same run which makes the assay highly cost-efficient. For additional cell types beside monocytes, please see cell activation.

The assay also enables you to understand downstream processes related to drug binding including cell activation, cargo uptake, internalization, shedding, trogocytosis and phagocytosis.

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