Immuneed Good Laboratory Practice GLP

May 21, 2021

SWEDAC, Sweden’s national accreditation body for laboratory assessment, has certified that Immuneed fulfills the requirements for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). The achievement confirms Immuneed’s longstanding focus on thoroughness and quality in preclinical testing.

“Immuneed has always had its sights on GLP certification, so we are proud to have the acknowledgment in hand,” says Immuneed CEO Camilla Oldgren of the document, which was issued by SWEDAC on March 5, 2021. “This is the culmination of a journey we began one year ago, comprising a demanding process and extraordinary efforts from the Immuneed team.” For Immuneed’s clients, the GLP certificate endorses the quality, consistency, and integrity of results that Immuneed provides with its services. During the GLP evaluation process, all aspects of operating procedure, study conduct, data management, and document handling were carefully examined. From Immuneed’s perspective, the GLP accreditation is not only an additional layer of security but rather a uniform way of conducting a high level of qualitative lab work. “Immuneed’s quality is now accredited, but the quality focus has always existed,” says Oldgren. “For our clients and ourselves, there is self-evident value in the correct procedure, attention to detail, and the smooth function of our lab as a whole. As proud as we are of our GLP status, we see it not only as an exceptional achievement but also as a matter of course. Our promise is unchanged.”

For more information regarding GLP and our services, you are more than welcome to contact us.

Sofia Öling
Commercial Operations Manager

Sofia is responsible for the commercial operations at Immuneed, with a strong focus on strategic marketing & customer excellence. Previously, she worked as Customer Success Manager for a technical software startup and brought her strong knowledge in customer relations management and digitalization with her to Immuneed. She graduated from the University of Gothenburg with a Master's degree in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine.